South End Home

The stair from the living space to the mezzanine floor is a deliberate demonstration of the power of raw materials. The stair treads — dark steel, of course — don’t quite span from one side of the stair to the other. Instead, each thread is cantilevered off a raw concrete wall at one end and allowed to float unsupported at the other.

President's Note

When choosing Prestige Custom Carpentry, we work as a team with designers, architects, and the homeowner. The accumulation of teamwork and expertise turns the homeowner's vision and dream into a reality which is completed in an efficient time-frame with a cost effective approach.

Beacon Hill Spiral Staircase

The staircase is on of the main focal points in any modern home. Evolving architectural designs result in the use of a larger quantity of spiral staircases. Our spiral staircases are carefully curated with a mesmerizing finish which blends in with the existing interior that imprints a timeless design and craftsmanship.



South End Loft

Custom built storage and pull out beds are becoming a focal point for lofts and apartments suites in order to maximize storage and living space. This pull-out queen sized bed in this North End Loft was embedded in a simple yet exclusive design. Innovation and craftsmanship at Prestige Custom Carpentry turn ideas into practical and bespoke finishes.

What We Provide

Our built-in furniture and trim work are made exclusively for the homeowner. Prestige Custom Carpentry offers services for all exclusive forms of built-ins and trim work. These include built in cabinets for living areas, bedrooms and bathrooms. We cater for all trim work and crown moldings. Our design team works closely with the homeowner to achieve a bespoke design.

Beacon Hill Home

Design, precision, and attention to detail are the key elements we follow when fitting our trim work. Our designs and moldings meet our client's tastes and preferences.Our trim work is manufactured on-site which allows us to pay a much closer attention to detail.  



South End Home

Our work in the South End home on Taylor Street is an extension of our expertise and craftsmanship. Modern homes at present go for a specific look while this project connected the old and the new. We work closely with our co-workers and contractors to deliver a memorable experience for the homeowner or client. 

President's Note

We build everything to order; we work with you to select the style, materials and finishes so you get the kitchen or furniture that is ideally suited to your home, lifestyle and budget. We take great care and pride in our installation and fit-out work.

Cape Cod Home 

They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home. And we have to believe it’s true. Whether small or large, the kitchen is the backbone of the home. It fuels the bodies, minds, and souls of friends and families that enter your home. We understand this statement, which is why we understand our clients.


Exterior Remodifications

The bundle of expertise, craftsmanship, attention to detail and design that we supply to an interior client also exists for the exterior modifications of your home residence or commercial property.

Exterior & Miscellaneous Projects

Prestige Custom Carpentry offer services for all exterior remodifications such as decks, railings, window installation, wall paneling, and millwork. Our miscellaneous work includes bar & restaurant fit outs, and commercial & office projects.

Bar & Restaurant Projects

Prestige Custom Carpentry offers their services for bar & restaurant fit outs. We have extensive knowledge and experience in the bar & restaurant industry which allows us to develop strong client relationships and customer satisfaction. 

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